About Us

Mission Statement
Our products are preserved pieces of nature, but our mission extends beyond our products to practice preservation in all of nature.
At Bloom Page Wood, we strive to create products glorifying nature's beauty through preservation in items that can be used and intended to last forever.
We are on our way to utilizing 100% recyclable and recycled packaging. Our aim is and will always be to limit wastefulness in our operations to the best of our abilities. 
Why "Bloom Page Wood"?
  • real, pressed blooms
  • hand-folded and cut pages
  • hand-cut and sanded wood
    Straightforward, to the point, that's how we like to work here at Bloom Page Wood! 
    The Artists' Story
    I've always loved flowers - I find beauty in the details of their petals, color, and shape. There is beauty in the symmetry and asymmetry found in nature. Additionally, I've always been a sentimental person. Growing up, I'd hold onto the tiniest remembrances to feel closer to the moments I cherished. After discovering how to use resin in 2018, I'd suddenly found a way to preserve beautiful things forever. Mix pressed flowers and resin, and you get nature that can last far past its intended date. The fragility of a flower preserved in hard-set resin - there's an enticing juxtaposition there that I enjoy exploring. 
    Who Are We?
    My name is Jasmine and I am the creator of all products here on Bloom Page Wood. My husband, Sean, runs the marketing/SEO. My mother-in-law, Doni, presses most of the flowers we use in our products. 

    I love taking on new techniques and developing skills in my craft. By day, I am a school counselor. However what started as my hobby has now become my little side business.

    I love being able to preserve and cherish nature in a unique way that can be shared with others. I hope you enjoy our work!
      P.S. That dog you may see from time to time in our product photos is Atlas, our little Alaskan Klee Kai. (: