Care Instructions


As with all products that contain real, pressed flowers, store these precious items away from the sun, as the colors may fade quickly if left out for too long.

Additionally, minor imperfections such as tiny bubbles in the resin or slight markings/dark spots in the foliage are a part of the process and beauty of a handmade item containing real flowers.

Please note that all products with pressed flowers will eventually fade over a few years. That is the beauty of nature. Although colors may fade, the flowers will stay intact. We find all phases of a flower's life beautiful, we hope you do too! Fading is more frequent in resin products. Wedding signage fading is less likely.


We try our best to create bookmarks that match the pictures as closely as possible. However, no two flowers are identical. Your piece is uniquely yours!


As with all pressed flower products, clips should not be kept in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time (i.e., days on end), as the natural color of the pressed flowers may fade with time.

Additionally, resin is sensitive to high temperatures, so keep your clips away from any hair tools while the tool is in use (e.g., blow dryer, straightener, etc.). Clips are fine to wear after heat tools have been put away.


Avoid submerging your jewelry in water. As with all pressed flower items, avoid leaving your item in the sun for prolonged periods of time as the colors may fade quickly.