1. Design & Fonts

Will I get to see my sign before you make it?

Yes, of course! We send you two proofs in the following order:

1. Lettering

2. Flower Design

The lettering proof will allow you to see the exact size, font, formatting, placement, and spelling of your lettering. This is your chance to make any edits to the lettering.

The flower design proof is a picture of your real sign with the lettering done, and the flowers you chose designed in a unique style. This is your chance to change out flowers, request changes in the design, etc. 

Can I change my lettering after receiving my flower design proof?

No. That's why we send you a lettering proof first. Once the lettering proof is approved, no changes can be made to the lettering. The flower design proof is only so you can alter the flower design.

What fonts do you have?

We have a collection of fonts, available upon request at any time. 

I have my own fonts for my wedding stationery. Can you use my fonts instead?

If they are free to download, we are happy to make the switch to your fonts. However, if we are required to purchase the font, this fee will fall on the client. Most fonts are around $20.

When will you restock ____ style/flower?

Flowers and foliage are seasonal, however we try to keep our most popular choices in stock year-round. Feel free to contact us for our current collection.

2. What else do you sell?

I want to order more than is offered in the dropdown menu. How do I do that?

Contact us directly at hello@bloompagewood.com. We respond within 48 hours! We create custom listings for customers who have unique cases or special requests. 

Do you sell single sheet signs of acrylic instead of pressed flower ones?

Yes, upon request we can make your custom signage without the flowers or double sheet. Contact hello@bloompagewood.com for pricing. 

Do you sell signs in any other size?

We have limited stock of 8x10" from time to time. Contact hello@bloompagewood.com for more information. 

Do you make bar menus?

No, we don't make detailed signs with small lettering such as a beverage with all the ingredients listed underneath. However, we do create signage for "cards & gifts", "please sign the guestbook", or other similar needs. Contact hello@bloompagewood.com for more information.

Do you sell signs larger than 18x24"?

No, we do not make signs larger than 18x24" anymore. 

Do you make seating charts?

No. If you're interested in seating charts, consider upgrading your place cards to escort cards. Guests would find their name card in front of the reception area. Their card will contain their table number. This way, they know which table they're sitting at plus they get a free wedding favor, customized with their name!

3. Shipping Questions

My event is on ______. Will you be able to make this in time for me?

It's best to order well in advance of your date, but 95% of the time, we can accommodate rush deadlines! We work quickly to make sure you get your custom signage in time for your big day. Please email us directly with this inquiry: hello@bloompagewood.com

I have some last-minute RSVPs. Can I add a few more place cards? Can I keep my discounted rate?

Of course! We expect last-minute additions to place cards. If you purchased in a discounted bracket (e.g., you ordered 100 place cards, which is $8.50 each), and you'd like to add a few more place cards, please contact us so we can give you a personalized coupon code to reflect your discounted rate upon checkout. If you fall under the $35 minimum for free domestic shipping, we will provide you a coupon for free shipping as well. Please email us though, so we know how best to accommodate you: hello@bloompagewood.com

I don't have my full RSVP list yet - but I know most of the people who are coming. Can I still order the place cards now?

Yes! In fact, it's best you order sooner rather than later so we can get started on making your name cards. You can always purchase additional cards later.

Keep in mind though, whichever discount bracket you fall under for your first order, we go by that one. So if you ordered 99 cards, your discounted rate is $8.99 per card. If you added 10 later on, even though you'd be in the 100+ bracket in totality, we do not refund later to reflect the difference.

Same goes if you order 100+ but then realize you need less. We will ship you the amount you ordered. No refunds are permitted once production has begun.

If you have any other questions, please contact: hello@bloompagewood.com